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Value Added Services

Cover Guard Service - RIX Pool & Spa Cover Guard Service is designed to minimize and even prevent winter damage to the pool and equipment from freezing, snow and ice. The Cover Guard Service provides a visit in the fall and spring. This service is not provided during January and February due to weather conditions, HOWEVER we will always respond to emergencies anytime during the year.

Pool covers are inspected for tears and adjustment of waterbags and springs are made.
Pool water level is checked on pools with mesh covers for proper height.
Water bag covers are pumped clean of water and debris
Chemical balance is checked to help ensure against algae growth
Prevents cover damage
Pool opens cleaner
De Filter Grid Assembly Cleaning

The manifold top, air bleed and all filter grid elements will be inspected, descaled and degreased.
Automatic Pool Cleaner

Disassemble, inspect, clean and re-assemble. (Limited to Aquabot, Polaris 180, 280, 360, 380, 3900, 9300 models and Ray-Vac.)
Vacation Coverage

Pool is vacuumed, skimmed, brushed, and leaf baskets are cleaned. 
Filter is back-washed, equipment is inspected, water is tested and balanced, and a written report is provided.
Heater Cleaning Service 

Examine ventilation system, inspect heat exchanger for soot, clean burners, check wires and connections, and check gas pressure.  De-sooting of the heater is also available.
Pre-Season Clean-Up

Pool covers are inspected and adjustments of waterbags and springs are made. 
Pool water level is checked as well as the chemical balance of the water.
Waterbag covers are pumped clean of water and debris can also be removed.
Pressure Wash Deck

Includes the immediate area surrounding the swimming pool (usually three to five feet in width)
Cover Storage 

Wash cover with antimicrobial solution to prevent fungal/bacterial growth.
Inspect for wear and tear (minor repairs may be made at no charge.) 
Fold and store in our warehouse.

Remove and replace all Deck-O-Seal compound between the coping and the pool deck.

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