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Why isn't my Polaris working properly?
Usually, this is due to low flow. Empty your pump and skimmer baskets and then backwash your filter. Learn more

My Polaris is not moving. What is wrong with it?
Check the screen in the universal wall fitting. A dirty screen restricts the water flow that pushes the Polaris. Bad bearings can also be the culprit of a slow moving Polaris.

Is a DE filter better than a sand or cartridge filter?
DE filters filter a finer particle out of the water, so if by best you mean best filtration, yes. They do require more maintenance.  So if by best, you mean easiest to maintain, then we recommend a sand filter.  Cartridge filters are usually recommended when the customer has no place to backwash.  Because some areas have hard water, not backwashing old water out leads to needing to drain pools more frequently.

Which heater is right for my pool?
If you want to do one thing to increase how much time your family spends in the pool, adding a pool heater to your equipment system is probably the answer. Learn more

How often should I run my Polaris?
Run the Polaris for only 2-4 hours a day and then shut it off so that any dirt or debris that was stirred up can settle again. Do not watch the Polaris while it is running; it will drive you crazy as it randomly picks up debris. The Polaris will generally not clean your steps. You will need to brush the steps periodically so that the debris can settle onto the floor where the Polaris can get it during its next cycle. Also, check the bag to make sure that it is securely sealed and has no holes. Otherwise, debris will continuously return to the pool after the unit has picked it up.

How do I disconnect the Polaris wall fitting?
Turn off both the pool pump and the Polaris pump. Visualize yourself in the pool. Grab the fitting, push it firmly towards the wall, turn it counter-clockwise. Lubricate the o-rings before replacing the fitting.