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How do Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blankets work?

LiquidHeatTM floats to the surface of the pool forming a pool friendly cover which acts as an evaporation inhibitor. Your TURBOTM will reduce water evaporation by up to 50% and evaporation accounts for 90% of heat loss from a pool. You will notice increased heat retention in your swimming pool. It will get warmer quicker and stay warmer longer. In a non-heated pool your heat loss at night will be greatly reduced. In a heated pool your energy costs will drop dramatically. The Solar Fish works best by adjusting your swimming pool jets down.

LiquidHeatTM is biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-toxic and totally harmless to all swimmers and harmless to pets drinking from the pool surface. Your Solar Fish will not affect the chemical balance ( PH, chlorine, alkalinity ) of the pool. It will not affect the plumbing or filtration and will not damage vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces in any way.

Try the new TURBOTM Fish which uses a computerized pump to feed out the LiquidHeatTM over the course of a month. For more information, visit www.sunsolar.com.

Top 10 Reasons to use Tropical Solar Fish
1. Guests will say, “Hey look, there’s a fish in your pool.”
2. You can invite your mob friends over to “swim with the fishes.”
3. You can make up new fish jokes.
4. You don’t have to feed it.
5. You can play the music from “Jaws” while people are swimming.
6. You can pretend you are in the Caribbean
7. You can tell your guests you have no idea how it got there.
8. It has a computer, but not the internet.
9. You don’t have the hassle of the plastic solar blanket.
10. It keeps your pool warm!