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What causes calcium deposits on swimming pool tile?
Have you noticed a white buildup at the waterline and on the tile or rocks around the swimming pool? Learn more

My heater won't fire, what should I do?
Call Rix Service Department and set up a service call to have an experienced service technician diagnose the problem.

The water level is high, what should I do?
If you have a DE filter, you could backwash some of the water out. If you have a cartridge filter, you either use a sump pump to lower the water, or wait for evaporation to do the job.

The pool lights don't work, what should I do?
You could change the light bulb, but if that does not work, you should set up a service call to have an experienced service technician diagnose the problem.

If I am losing 1/2" of water a day in my pool should I be concerned that I might have a leak?
No. Normal evaporation during the hot summer days is about 1/2" or less a day. Anything more than 1/2" a day may indicate a leak.

Why won't my pool hold chlorine?
You most likely have a chlorine demand. Double shock with Burn Out every 3 hours until you can hold a free chlorine reading of 1.0 ppm or higher for at least 24 hours. This process will satisfy the demand of chlorine.

I am having trouble keeping my pool clear. What should I do?
Water clarity is 50% water balance and 50% filtration. Learn more

When I shock my chlorine pool it turns a clear green. Why?
Clear green water usually indicates a presence of copper in the water. A chelating agent, such as, Pool Magnet Plus, can be added to remove the metals.

Why is water coming out of my backwash hose when my multi-port valve is in the filter position?
This is a problem within the filter and usually indicates that the spider gasket inside the valve has gone bad.

I think my pool is leaking—how can I be sure?
Depending on the season there can be several different causes for your pool losing water Learn more

What can I do if algae shows up in my pool?
Depending on the type of algae you should treat it will one of the following products: Learn more

My water looks cloudy. How can I fix that?
The first course of action is to take a water sample. Learn more

What products can help me with stains caused by metals in the water?
There are several different products that can help with staining caused by metals in the water Learn more

Breaker keeps tripping?
If the breakers are tripping when a piece of pool equipment is turned on, we recommend a service call. If the breakers trip for any other reason, we recommend to call an electrician, as our license only covers from the time clock on.

Does grass grow through the pavers?
Depending on the type of pavers and the soil underneath, grass may or may not grow through the pavers.  It also depends on the area of the country you live. Typically grass needs water to grow, so in dry climates it is very unlikely.

What can cause a pump not to pump water?
Most commonly this is caused by one of two things.  (1) A clogged impeller which does not allow for the flow of water or, most often, (2) it is caused by an air leak on the suction side of the pump.  This could be the mechanical pump seal, o'rings or gaskets that are beginning to fail, or could be loose pipe fittings going in to or out of the pump.  Valves before the pump could have bad o'rings or need new packing, depending on the type of valve.  Underground plumbing leaks on the suction side or a bad skimmer are also possibilities, although fairly remote.

How do you treat a green pool?
We have a standard recipe that works in our area.  We recommend Aqua Pure by Bio Dex (a copper based product) and Hasa liquid chlorine.  The amounts of each are determined by two questions.  "How big is your pool?" and "Can you see the main drain grates through the water?".  We instruct the customer to add the algaecide first and circulate the pump for 30 minutes.  Then add the liquid chlorine while continuing to run the pump for 24 hours.  The green is gone within 24 hours.

My pool is cloudy -- what should I do?
First, you should find out why your pool went cloudy. It is important to remember that water clarity is 50% chemistry and 50% filtration. (See below for possible causes and ways to improve filter efficiency). Learn more